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Mission: Develop and champion equity-centered leaders for FUSD by collaborating with colleagues and providing customized supports based on need. 

Vision: Comprehensive equity-centered leadership pipeline for Fresno Unified.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Leadership Development Department provides opportunities and supports for aspiring, new, and existing leaders.  The Fresno Unified Leadership Standards provide the framework for the professional learning.  Our work is to create a pipeline for certificated employees to develop leadership capacity to be successful in both informal and formal roles.

Staff Portal Internal Site:
FUSD Leadership Development – Home (sharepoint.com)

Leadership Development Instagram:
FUSD LD (@fusd_leadershipdevelopment) • Instagram photos and videos


Kimberly Villescaz, Ed.D.
Executive Officer

Bonifacio Sanchez
Principal on Special Assignment

Eugene Reinor
Vice Principal on Special Assignment

Leadership Development Office
1833 E. Street Fresno, CA 93706

Aspiring Leaders

FUSD Bridge Program

This leadership development opportunity is intended to support current Fresno Unified employees who have completed a university course of study and hold a preliminary credential but have not yet moved into a formal leadership role.  The monthly sessions and related leadership opportunities provide experiences and collaborative learning opportunities to ensure aspiring leaders are knowledgeable about current efforts in the district.  Interested employees should contact Leadership Development for additional information.

Please contact Eugene Reinor for more information.

FUSD Leadership Cohort

The Leadership Cohort is a leadership preparation program designed for current Fresno Unified employees aspiring to move into administration.  It is an intensive, one year program to earn the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC). 

Leadership Cohort Fact Sheet 2024-2025

Applications Currently Closed:

FUSD/SDSU Leadership Cohort– Application available Nov. 2024

FUSD/NU Leadership Cohort
Application available Feb. 2025

New Leaders

New Leader Induction Support

All new site leaders receive support to ensure a successful induction.  In addition to regular structures of professional learning, new leaders are assigned an Administrative Coach and participate in professional learning specific to their needs including an on-ramping session, networking opportunities, and targeted professional learning​​. Fresno Unified administrators who need to clear their Administrative Credential have the option of participating in the California Administrative Services Credential (CASC) program in partnership with the Fresno County  Superintendent of Schools (FCSOS).  ​​

Existing Leaders

 Current site and district administrators have the opportunity to provide coaching support to new administrators in a two-year induction process.  Site and department leaders are involved in various professional learning structures that support them in their positions.  One responsibility of the Leadership Development Department is to continue the pipeline approach to developing administrators in Fresno Unified by providing growth opportunities for existing leaders.  Through administrative coaching and leading professional learning, successful leaders are able to share their expertise and experience with aspiring and new leaders. ​ New leaders have regular support and opportunities to engage in collaborative learning with their coach. 

Opportunities for Existing Leaders:
Application for Breakthrough Leadership
Application Deadline: May 15th, 2024

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